What Does a Boot Scan Do?


Many antivirus applications offer the boot scan, which is a powerful tool that can eliminate malware that can’t be removed using normal methods. This type of virus can hide in the boot sector or even encrypt files. It is generally more difficult to eliminate than a regular runtime scanner. It is also very important to utilize an antivirus that has the ability to run a boot scan because this kind of virus isn’t simply more difficult to recognize but can be extremely harmful.

Avast’s Boot Scan is a very effective way of checking for hidden threats. It can detect threats that are normally not detected by runtime scans and remove them without disrupting Windows operating. However, it may take a long time to complete the scan as it will have to analyze every single file on your system. It is a good idea to deactivate unnecessary programs at the start of your computer and disconnect any external storage devices. This will allow the program to focus on internal files. It is also an excellent idea to plan the scan for times that you won’t be using your computer for any other purpose.

You’ll first need to open Avast and select the Settings menu. Once you are in the settings menu, click the Protection tab, and then click the Boot-Time Scan tile. You can select whether to enable a complete or quick scan, download the most recent definitions, and then set the actions that will be executed when a threat is detected.

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