Tips for Board Meeting Preparation

Board meetings are important to make strategic choices and establish the company’s policies and procedures, and so on. However, these meetings are also often boring and full of routine items which can take a long time to prepare for. Although it might appear that preparing for a meeting of the board is merely another task, well-prepared board members can make a lasting impression upon their fellow board members.

Create a draft agenda for board meetings, which includes the time allotted to each item. It is important to design the agenda on a number of hours that will allow you enough time to talk about each topic in depth and to allow for questions.

Send the agenda to the board members when it is prepared so that they can begin preparation. At least a day or so prior to the meeting, you should send the agenda to board members. For boards that utilize boards portals it’s just a click button to collect and send out all the necessary documents for a meeting.

It is important to establish the formality or informality the board you are forming wishes your meeting to be, because this will have an impact on the structure of your meetings and how you address other board members. For example some boards adhere to Robert’s Rules of Order, which is very formal and consists of calling other board members by their titles and calling them “Mr.” or “Madam”. Whatever style you decide to adopt it is beneficial to be familiar with the rules to ensure that you don’t get caught by surprise at the first meeting.

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