How to Find the Best Antivirus Solutions

It’s important to protect our computer-based world. Antivirus solutions are one of the primary tools that assist in protecting devices against malware attack, ransomware, phishing and many more. But how do you determine the most effective solution to meet your unique business needs?

Find an antivirus program which employs a multilayered approach to guard you against the most frequent cyber-attacks. The first layer is signature detection. This is where the antivirus program looks for patterns in virus and malware codes to identify a potential threat. A good antivirus program will also include Heuristics detection. This is where you search for suspicious behavior that is distinct from legitimate software.

Consider whether the antivirus software you’re considering has additional security features such as a firewall, password manager, identity theft protection, and many more. Check out how well it works to defend against the most prevalent cybersecurity threats as well as how quickly it can scan and update definitions.

Another aspect to take into consideration is whether the antivirus program you’re considering will work on different device types including Macs and Chromebooks. Lastly, look for an antivirus program that doesn’t eat up too many system resources. This can cause slowdowns to your computer and cause system crashes, or other issues. Also, consider the level of support that the antivirus solution provides. Some provide 24/7 live remediation as well as other features to help your team respond quickly when a threat appears.

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