Automating Automation for Dealmakers

Dealmaking can be time-consuming and complex, especially when relationships with buyers pass through various stages. However, it doesn’t have to be manual and inefficient – with Wrk’s unique automation platform you can leverage automations that will make it easier to nurture these connections while preserving the strength of the automations you’ve already implemented.

You could, for instance, have an automation trigger whenever a deal moves from Lead to Open Deal status in your pipeline. This will create a new task with the following details: Title Enter a custom task title. Task description: Write a brief summary of the work to be accomplished. Assignee: Choose an individual to assign the task. Date due: Select a date and duration to determine when the task must be completed by. Message to send: Add an email address or a text area to compose the message that will be sent to the task’s user. Add a Deal token to the message to include details in the email based on the specific property of the deal.

Delivering presentations is a common use of automation. Dealmakers spend many hours creating and delivering these, which can be difficult and tedious. Automation can streamline this process, allowing a computer to automatically pull data from various public sources in order to provide a more personalised and personalised overview of the company to every potential buyer. This can reduce time and help improve efficiency and boost the results.


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